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At a time when data is everywhere but insight is hard to come by, Hobsons’ aim is to provide universities with genuinely useful analysis that can keep both the UK and their institutions ahead in this increasingly competitive global recruitment market. 

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Hobsons partnered with universities from across the UK and Australia to survey their prospective, current and past student databases. 

We compiled our findings and conclusions into a report; ‘Beyond the Data: Influencing international student decision making’.

The survey received 18,393 responses across 195 countries, 198 nationalities, and a total of 583 lines of enquiry. 

  • What is more important in student decision-making, subject/course or institution rankings?
  • What is the most important consideration for international students when declining offers?
  • What are the key drivers in international student decision making? 
For easily digestible, visual summaries of our findings by nationality, take a look at our series of infographics here.