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Student Lifecycle Management & Hobsons Radius Video

Learn more about how SLM is the future of higher education and how Radius is the single, customizable SLM solution to manage all student groups at your institution in one place. 


Student Lifecycle Management Google Hangout Series

View a recording of a thought leadership interview about Student Lifecycle Management (SLM). “Student Lifecycle Management 001” features guest Justin Schlenker, director of enrollment operations at Tiffin University, and Chris McNamee, vice president of higher education marketing at Hobsons.

Student Lifecycle Management Webinar

SLM is the new way of managing student groups, from pre-prospects, to applicants, to current students, and through to graduation. Revisit our conversation with Chris McNamee, vice president of marketing at Hobsons, about SLM and its benefits for higher education institutions.


Student Lifecycle Management White Paper

Read our white paper to learn more about why SLM should be at the center of your business processes.


© 2014 Hobsons. All rights reserved worldwide.
Managing the Student Lifecycle: A selection of Inside Higher Ed articles and essays

View this collection of articles and essays by respected higher education experts for a greater understanding of the importance of developing a student lifecycle strategy and providing a valuable experience to students throughout their educational career.

Hope College Case Study

Five years ago, admissions representatives at Hope College printed off online inquiry forms and hand-entered them into a homegrown system a student had created in Access. This case study explains how Radius was able to re-strategize this process & improve it.